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Fashion Futures update

FAD 2017 update 2With just one week of 'making left the FAD Fashion Finalists are making fantastic progress on their creations with all hands on the sewing machines!

On the right hand side you can see LPGS student Issy Daniels with her creative design.

Once they have added their final flourishes thoughts will shift to  ‘Presentation Day.’ This is when the students present their work to a panel of industry judges for Summer School selection.

We all know presentations can be nerve wracking, so we wish all the finalists the best of the luck particularly our LPGS girls: Ayo Joseph, Maija Carr, Patience Murapa and Issy Daniels.




Patience, took some time out to talk to FAD about her journey so far. The extract below is from the official fad.org.uk website.

Patience is seventeen and travels to Hackney Community College every week from Beckenham, south London. At the moment, she’s in Year 12 studying Business and Textiles at Langley Park School for Girls. Despite the long journey and having to wake up at 6.30am, she’s often the first one here, arriving in between 9.15 and 9.30am to prepare herself for the workshop ahead. We’ve all been amazed by her great work ethic, so we thought it would be a fun idea to have a quick chat with her one-on-one.


FAD 2017 update 1


Q: Do you think you’d like to go into a career in fashion, or are you just exploring your options at the moment?

A: I’d like to work inside the fashion industry. I wanted to work as a fashion designer, but after the workshops, I don’t really know which area I want to go into yet.


Q: How are you finding the workshops – do you think you can see the fact you’ve really progressed over the past few weeks?

A: Yeah. When I started doing my pattern cutting, I always wanted Joanne to be beside me, but now I’m a lot more confident when doing it by myself. If I make any mistakes, I know it’s my responsibility, and I know I’ll figure out how to fix it.


Q: What would you say has been the most exciting or enjoyable part of the process so far?

A: I think starting to make the drawing you imagined come to life. You have all of this support around you, so you believe that you can actually do it and make it. Although it’s challenging, it’s really fun.


Q: So you’ve got a couple of weeks left – what are you hoping will happen over that time?

A: So we have two days of construction left, and then the last day to present our work. Since I’m a bit behind with my pattern cutting, I’ll need to do some extra work at home so that I’m up to date with everything. I’m hoping that next week I will be half way through my sewing.
A huge thanks to Patience for taking a break from her work to speak to us!


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