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Number Day!

Number day thank youWe were again supporting the NSPCC this year with our Number Day held on Friday 3rd February. It was a really positive day with students and many staff dressing up in their number-themed outfits.

The students had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of numeracy activities throughout the day. The tutor time activities were attempted with great enthusiasm and there was a hive of activity in room M001 at lunchtime. The students were able to try out their skills with various puzzles such as the ‘Tower of Hanoi’, ‘Tangrams’ and ‘Geometrics’. Rose Ward in 8SG entertained us with the speed in which she could solve a Rubik’s cube. She is now practising with a 5 by 5 version she has borrowed. The ‘Guess the Number of Sweets in the Jar’ competition again proved to be extremely popular. Keelin Godsell in 7GB won the jar with her guess of 927 sweets, which was very close to the actual number of 928!

In addition, our Maths teachers had a variety of quizzes and problem solving activities including ‘Who Wants to be a Mathionaire’ for the students to enjoy during their Maths lessons. It was fantastic that some non-Maths teachers incorporated numeracy into their lessons as well. Miss Burch’s Year 13 English class were analysing ‘The Book of Numbers’ by Kathryn Gray, for example.
Number Day raised almost £1000 for the NSPCC, for which they will be extremely grateful. It will go towards supporting the essential work that they do.


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