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Refugee Workshop at LPPS

This year we have been learning about the plight of child refugees. In December a group of  fourteen Year 9 students went to Langley Park Primary School to teach the reception class what they had learned. Well done to those students involved, you were fantastic teachers!

Refugee Workshop2Before going on the trip we had a meeting to plan our lesson. We got into pairs and decided together which activity we were going to do and how it would teach the children about refugees in a sensitive way. After that we chose which props we were going to take and how we were going to make it interactive.

On the day we made sure to take all of our teaching materials and we went on the mini bus to Langley Park Primary School. We had some time to practice what we were going to do and say and we were actually quite nervous before the children came in. So on after, the children were let in and we were ready to be teachers . Miss Artini and Mr Saumtally told the children a story about a refugee boy called Ali and once they had introduced us to the class it was our turn . Everyone had organised different activities so the children learned something different with each activity they went to. I think the children really enjoyed the day and we did too! I think this trip was very interesting and that it was important for the children to know about child refugees as one day they might be the ones to stop war and to help people seeking refuge

Refugee Workshop


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