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GOLD Accreditation for Sustainable Travel

Through their work and commitment the Youth Travel Ambassadors of LPGS (Rachel Young, Patience Murapa and Milly Shemmings) managed to push our school to achieve the highest award of recognition (GOLD) for their efforts in trying to make the way people in our community get to school more sustainable.

The aims of the TFL and local borough led program are to:

  • Significantly reduce the number of cars travelling to and from schools
  • Remove the barriers, both perceived and actual, to walking, cycling and taking public transport to school
  • Increase the number of young people and adults choosing 'active travel' over travel by car
  • Increase understanding among school communities of the travel options available to them
  • Provide information to help school communities understand the benefits of active, sustainable transport and positively influence their travel decisions

Well done to everyone who has helped us achieve this. We say a fond farewell to the YTAs above and welcome an enthusiastic group of Year 7s who we hope will continue the sterling work done by those before them. More to come from them as they begin their own initiatives and come up with their own ideas to tackle this important  issue.

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