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Gardening Club achieve RHS Awards

We are proud to announce the LPGS gardening club have been awarded the Level 2 and Level 3 RHS School Gardening Award. Each award requires the club to meet specific targets and write about their achievements as well as submit photographic evidence.


gardening club 2Level 2 Award

In order to achieve this award this the club had to:

  • Start to grow some plants
  • Learn basic gardening terms
  • Use hand tools safely
  • Learn how to prepare soil, sow, plant and water


They submitted the following report and photos to secure the award

We began our gardening group 2 years ago, using some abandoned raised beds. The club runs at lunchtimes and consists of a small group of keen year 7 and 8 pupils. They initially had to weed and clear the beds and dig over the soil. They learnt to use spades, trowels and folks. The girls added compost and manure and learnt about the importance of these in growing plants. They then planned what they wanted to grow. This included a range of flowers and vegetables which produced a bumper crop.


gardening club 1


Level 3 Award

Riding high off the success of the level 2 award the club pushed forward to gain the more challenging level 3 award.

In order to achieve this they had to:

  • Get the school leadership team to support their endeavour of creating a wildlife garden
  • Develop their practical skills and prepare areas ready for planting
  • Grow a simple range of fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • Encourage wildlife to the garden by providing homes and habitats
  • Re-use as many items as they can as well as understand the process of composting

The club submitted the following report and photos to secure their latest award

The garden club were showing an interest in wildlife gardening. When a teacher was awarded the Jack Petchey award, he decided to spend it on some equipment to develop a new wildlife area. The girls have planted bee and butterfly attracting plants, began composting, and put up bat and bird boxes. The girls have learnt about gardening for wildlife. They have looked at which plants attract butterflies and bees. They have also researched the best location for bird and bat boxes. They have built a log pile and understand the value of this to decomposers, particularly the Stag beetle. They have also built a bug hotel, and created a bird and butterfly feeding station. The girls have learnt to observe and record wildlife through surveys like OPAL bug hunt.

We hope to add a living Willow fence to the area to isolate it from the staff car park, and create a quite zone. The girls are making a hedgehog feeding station to sit alongside our hedgehog home. We will be preparing information sheets to encourage the wider school community to become involved with the project. We also hope to manage the adjacent pond to encourage as much native wildlife as possible. We are trying to clear a path into the adjacent wooded area so that pupils can have access.

gardening club 3


Well done to all staff and students involved in the club which has received certificates, a book to help them develop their skills and a Rocket Gardens voucher worth £150.

After taking a short winter break the club will resume after half term.

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