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Students get paracising!

paracise2During the Autumn term, a group of year 11’s opted to do a class designed to improve posture, core strength, increase flexibility, mobility and reduce the risk of injury or pain as part of their core PE lessons. The exercise programme they followed was designed by Sarah Goldsack and called Paracise. On 9th December we were lucky to have Sarah come into school to run a Paracise workshop with groups of girls from yr 7-11.

Paracise is an exercise programme of 3 x three minute workouts that fit easily into your busy day. It’s designed to retrain your muscle memory creating good habits within your body so you move more efficiently all of the time without having to think about it.

The pupils have noticed a big difference in their muscle tone and posture which they are really pleased with. Sarah designed this programme after being diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease. Her positive attitude has really inspired and motivated the girls. They have been able to see the benefits of doing just a few minutes of exercise a day and are excited to continue with this in their day to day lives.


Thank you Sarah and well done Paracise girls, keep it up!!

Find out more at: paracise.com

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