PTA Privacy Notice

As you may be aware, the General Data Protection Regulation came into force from 25th May 2018.  

As we are technically a separate organisation from the school, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) also needs to act to ensure that it is compliant with the data protection laws. 

The PTA collects and uses some personal data, mainly in order to communicate with parents and carers who sign up for PTA led initiatives. We’re not changing how we use or collect information, but we want to take this opportunity to clarify how and why we store and process data, and your rights under the GDPR.  


What personal data does the PTA collect, and why

We collect, use and store data when a parent signs up for any of the following:

PTA Volunteers

Parents/carers can sign up to support at PTA events via our form where we collect:

  • Parent/carers name that is volunteering
  • Contact details (phone/email) – so we can make contact when support it needed
  • Student name and form – to recognise parents that are new to the school and to identify when a parent may need to be deleted from our records

We will delete these details at the request of the data subject or when their son/daughter leaves the school

100 club members

Parents/carers can sign up for the 100 club via our form where we collect:

  • Parent/carers name which will be associated with shares purchased
  • Address – so we can send the winner their cheque
  • Contact details (phone/email) – so we can confirm what numbers the data subject has been assigned and to send a renewal reminder if requested
  • The number of 100 club shares they want

We will delete these details at the end of the academic year unless the data subject is renewing their membership

PTA Events

Some events will require attendees to pay for tickets. To process this data we use

Events may require us to collect:

  • Parent name
  • Student name
  • Contact details
  • Payment details
  • Details of allergies

We will delete this data once the event is over.

We also take photos and videos during PTA events. Data subjects will be made clear that this is happening.

Please note, we communicate upcoming events and uniform donation requests to parents/carers via the Langley Park School for Girls newsletter/parentmail system and do not actually store/use these contact details directly ourselves.


On what basis do we collect and use personal data? 

We only collect, store and use data that we have gained through consent. Parents/carers can fill out the relevant forms to indicate their consent to the relevant processing.


Managing and storing data

We will ensure all data that you give us is kept securely and restricted to those with a ‘need to know’. We are committed to protecting information about you and your children.  


Sharing data

We will never share personal data to a third party without consent. 


Accessing your data

If you want to find out what data we hold about you, please contact the PTA We are happy to share it with you at any time and you can also ask us to delete your data from our records at any time.


More information

You can also read more about GDPR on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website You have the right to complain to the ICO if you are concerned about how an organisation is handling your data.