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At Key Stage 3 all students study a broad course in Art and Design. Project work covers aspects of Fine Art, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, print making and students also work with textiles and digital media and aspects of photography.

At Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students elect to study particular subject areas in greater depth leading towards a more tailored experience of chosen areas of study. 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

Statement from the Faculty
The Visual Arts are both a form of communication and a means of expressing ideas and feelings. It forms a language which complements that of literary, mathematical, scientific and factually based subjects. The Visual Arts are especially concerned with the development of those complex mental processes involved in visual perception and aesthetic experience. The Visual Arts provide opportunity for personal expression and encourages imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, powers of observation, analytical abilities and fosters practical skills. The National Curriculum gives the opportunity for students’ personal development via a variety of programmes of study in The Visual Arts. Students are taught by an enthusiastic and hard-working team of highly-qualified staff, teaching groups of mixed ability, across the age range. Programmes of study at Key Stages 3/4/5 promote differentiation and target setting to meet individual needs. High quality of outcomes is consistently promoted across the department.

What we expect from our students
We want our students to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness and competence in identifying opportunities and issues which can be investigated through Visual Arts activities.
  • Record from direct observation and personal experience, perceive, understand and express concepts and feelings, to experiment and innovate imaginatively.
  • Demonstrate a greater awareness and expertise in those areas of creative thinking which can be expressed through the process of designing, making and evaluating.
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of materials, equipment, tools, techniques to enable them to design and make quality artwork to the best of their ability of which they can be proud.
  • Develop valuable skills such as researching, recording, analysing, inventing, communicating, manipulating, constructing, resourcefulness, discriminating and evaluating which can be deployed in their work
  • Recognise that skills and knowledge, acquired through Visual Arts activities, can be applied constructively in other areas of the curriculum.
  • Acquire and apply a greater understanding and awareness of the Visual Arts and its continually developing role in society.
  • Appreciate the increasingly important contribution which the Visual Arts makes in providing growth within the economy, which accounts for increasing employment opportunities via the leisure, entertainment, heritage industries, fashion and product design and export.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the role of the Visual Arts in relation to the environment and environmental issues.
  • Develop a wider interest in Art and Design that extends into their lives beyond the school
  • Recognise the significance and value of using ICT in the Visual Arts, applying these skills in both designing and making so as to enhance quality and achievement.

The Visual Arts Team:

Mr Fox Joyce is Head of Visual Arts. He teaches across KS3, GCSE Fine Art, GCSE Photography, A-level Fine Art, A-level Photography and the BTEC Extended National Diploma level 3 in Art and Design.

Ms Antoniou teaches across KS3, GCSE Fine Art, A-level Photography, the BTEC Extended National Diploma level 3 in Art and Design and she covers GCSE Graphics.

Mr Hall teaches across KS3, GCSE Fine Art, GCSE Phototaphy, A-level Photography, the BTEC Extended National Diploma level 3 in Art and Design and he specialises in A-level Fine Art.

Mrs Ashman-Clarke teaches across KS3 and specialises in GCSE Fine Art and BTEC Extended Level 3 National Diploma in Art and Design.

Miss McDermott teaches across KS3 and all levels of Textiles. She is a Head of Year.

Ms Hearne-Dudman teaches across KS3 and all levels of Textiles.

Mr MacDonnell is Head of Creative Media Studies at KS5

Ms V Fernandes