“The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.”
J K Galbraith

Our Philosophy
We believe that Economics should make you question the conventional. We need therefore to use our lessons to think and engage. This is how we will develop our learning. As teachers we will support your learning and help you to challenge flimsy evidence. It is taught by placing students in the position of real life decision makers rather than as passive recipients of economic theory. Lessons will be contemporary and challenging and ensure the students gain a genuine insight into the complexities of the Economic environment. All will learn to differentiate between powerful and superficial evidence which will help them to make reasoned judgments.

What we expect from our students
Our role is to facilitate learning and to build an effective partnership with students. You will already have many of the skills needed to succeed in this subject. The trick is now to apply them effectively in a new context. You will meet this challenge naturally if you are enthusiastic in lessons, act on constructive criticism and show patience when progress is slow. Excellent attendance and the willingness to get things wrong then learn are keys to success.

The Economics Team:

Mr J McGrath, Head of Economics

Mr P Brooks