• Dance2

“Dance with your feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.”

Dance is unique, and is one of the most physical of all the art forms. Not only does dance allow students to be creative and artistic, it allows students the opportunity to express themselves using the body as a medium.

Dance is a well established and popular form of physical activity, particularly for young women. It can provide a supportive environment and an opportunity to enhance low body attitudes and physical self perception.

What we expect from our students
Students are to be open minded to creative tasks and ensure they are well organised for all lessons. Students will be encouraged to take creative risks, experimenting with their own ideas and embrace the different styles of dance being explored in the lessons. Students will work within a positive learning environment and students are expected to support each other, working effectively on their own and as part of a team. The dance departments will encourage students to use their initiative and work independently. There are opportunities for students to take part in performances, making a positive contribution to the life of the school.

The Dance Team:

Mrs S Davis, Head of Dance

Mrs K White