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“The essence of Mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”

In the Mathematics faculty at LPGS we encourage the students to develop a real enjoyment and understanding of this beautiful subject.

We have nine dedicated Mathematics classrooms all of which are equipped with a data projector and many also with an interactive whiteboard. Mathematics is a popular subject within the school and we have high expectations of all of our students.  Lessons follow a variety of formats which aim to offer the students opportunities of choice, challenge and collaboration.  Students make good progress in Maths and are aware of their short and long term targets.

Students are placed in ability sets from Year 7.  These sets are reviewed each term and changes made to ensure individual students are in the correct group to allow them to make their best progress. 

Specialist Mathematics equipment needed
All students require a scientific calculator (we recommend the Casio fx83GTplus or fx85GTplus), a pair of compasses and a protractor. 

The Mathematics Team:

Ms L Hine, Head of Maths

Miss K Gough

Mrs H Harper

Mrs I Karaman, KS3 Numeracy Coordinator

Ms J Kourtaa

Ms A Khan

Ms A Lawal

Miss A Lonergan

Mrs A Leake, 1 i/c KS5 A-level

Mr P Lennon

Mrs H Polson

Mr I Saumtally, 2 i/c Maths and i/c International School Award

Mrs M Sedghi