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“Historians are dangerous people. They are capable of upsetting everything.”
Nikita Khrushchev

Philosophy of the department
We believe that an enquiry and evidence-based study of the past stimulates our natural curiosity. History helps us to resist the simplistic and the superficial, and to always ask pertinent questions to further understand the world around us. Through this process history makes us more informed citizens, better able to shape our futures and to make sense of our world, whether from a personal, local, national or international perspective. Without learning from history we are all doomed to make the same mistakes! Above all, History helps to makes us more articulate, more literate and more interesting!

What we expect from our students
We strongly believe that teaching and learning is a partnership, and we expect our students to be persistent in the face of challenge, to take a pride in their work and to accept advice and constructive criticism in order to grow as historians. We expect our students to be curious and have a thirst to find out more, the best history students are the ones who always ask questions!

Your teachers work hard to produce lessons with a range of different types of activities from role plays and debates, to creating news reports and board games, to writing exam questions and practising essay writing technique. We expect our students to work just as hard to complete their best possible work, whatever form it might take. We want our students to take risks and encourage them to work together in order to achieve their potential.

A good historian considers all possible sides to a debate, weighing up the evidence before reaching a conclusion and supporting it with either sources or factual knowledge. We encourage all our students to try and understand why people hold differing views and have produced different interpretations of the past, whether this is historians, politicians or other members of the class. We expect our students to develop opinions and seek to understand the opinions and actions of others. Finally, we expect all our students to live up to the LPGS expectations by always giving 100% to everything they do.  

Your teachers are there to help you become effective independent learners, to develop existing strengths and overcome (or disguise!) your weaknesses - we all have them. Your teachers are very experienced and have very good knowledge of the subject and of the skills required to do well at history, from the outsight they will also have a good understanding of your potential and they will work with you to make sure you achieve this. If it sometimes seems that they are always asking you to do more, it’s because they know that you can do it! Perhaps most importantly your teachers love history, they are proud of what they know but they always want to know even more. One of the best things about teaching history is that you always get to learn more history!

The History Team:

Mrs H Catterall, Head of History

Mr J Fowle, Head of Politics

Ms L Jerry, Assistant Head of Year 11

Mr J Clark, Head of Sociology

Ms A Ahazie, Head of Year 10

Mr D Webb, Deputy Headteacher

Miss E Allen