• Geography Field Trip

Geography is about exploring and understanding both the natural and human world we live in. It covers a broad range of themes and topics, always looking at how our actions interact with and thus change and shape the planet we call home.

At LPGS "In Geography we expect every student to progress"

At GCSE we study EdExcel B GCSE Geography and at A-level we study EdExcel GCE Geography.

All students studying from GCSE upwards will have the opportunity to engage with fieldwork. These include local day trips to Brighton and London, UK based residentials to Dorset and abroad trips to places such as Iceland, Naples and Barcelona.

In Year 7 we will be exploring natural and human processes of change and how they shape the planet we live on. Topics studied in Year 7 and Year 8 help build a sense of global wonder before your daughter starts the GCSE programme of study in Year 9.

All students will start the GCSE in Year 9 and have the option to continue it through in Year 10 and Year 11 to complete the qualification. All students achieving a Grade 6 or higher at GCSE are eligible and encouraged to study further on to A-level. At
A-level students will have a Grade 6 GCSE in Geography or another humanities based subject.

The GCSE and A-level programs of study focus on data response skills, research for extended writing and the development of skills in communication, presentations, group work, geographic fieldwork and ICT.

Geography is a rigorous and wide ranging academic discipline drawing on many aspects of the sciences, economics, mathematics, and sociology.  Data collection/response and interpretation is an integral part of our work and the student learns how to hypothesise on, and to evaluate key management issues.

The subject lends itself to any career involving decision-making, for instance engineering, the civil service, and tourism.  It is also an excellent course for preparation for Higher Education or a direct move into employment because of its contemporary and holistic nature and its practical emphasis on decision-making and research.

The Geography Team:

Mr J Lutz, Head of Geography

Mrs T Currie, Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)

Mr D Maisey, Acting Head of Year 9 and i/c Social Media & Hand held devices

Mrs E Ward

Miss L Sutherland