Enrichment is about providing opportunities to bring learning to life, developing an individuals range of interests, presenting opportunities to meet new friends and grow as a person. Students can choose a session that relates to their area of study or simply choose a session that intrigues them. Each year we offer a wide range of activities, below are the sessions on offer for 2016 - 2017.


Name Description
Multi Sports

An opportunity to take part in recreational sports for those who want to be physically active but have no desire to represent the school.


Likely activities will include: table tennis, basketball, boxercise, circuits, dodgeball, rounders, tennis, badminton and trampolining. There may also be the opportunity to attend fitness suits and swimming pools at local leisure centres, however this would have a cost attached to it.


Training on grass pitches with matches organised against local schools. Training is delivered by current PE staff and matches are organised for the season September- March.


All students wishing to represent Langley in the Senior Girls Netball Squad should choose this enrichment. Both previous and new players are always welcome. The school team plays in the Bromley Schools Netball League and competes in a 1- day Kent Schools tournament in Rainham. Al matches will be played during the Wednesday enrichment activity time.

Gold Crest Science Award

The Gold CREST Award Scheme is run by the British Science Association and allows the most able STEM students to conduct some real research into an area of their choice. Students will work on individual or group projects and will have a mentor from higher education to offer support and guidance.  The scheme is endorsed by UCAS and nationally recognised by universities.

Engineering Education Scheme

The Engineering Education Scheme is an EDT Programme which links teams of Year 12 students with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems.  Students are encouraged to show industrial enterprise, creativity and innovation whilst developing key life skills in the context of the world of work.  It also involves:

  • Hands-on work experience as part of a team
  • Experience of problem solving, working on a project that is relevant to a local company
  • &bullUse of a university’s engineering workshops to develop, build and test solutions to the problem
  • Professional skills lectures on Communications (written, verbal and visual) and Project Management
  • The opportunity to develop technical skills and see school physics, chemistry, technology etc applied in an industrial environment
  • An opportunity to meet professional and graduate engineers, scientists and technologists
  • Experience in presenting their solution, in a formal verbal presentation and formal written technical report, to a panel of senior professional engineers

From Action to Western – Exploring film genre

Using classic films from different eras as stimulus you will explore key ingredients that define a particular genre. You will have opportunities to work as a team to write, rehearse, film and edit your own work and build a showreel that can be presented to others. We will need actors who are comfortable performing in front of a camera but your contribution could be in research, writing, filming, prop-making or costume design.

Chinese is the language of nearly one quarter of the world's population.  Today, Chinese people play increasingly important roles worldwide.  China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is widely regarded as potentially the biggest economy and market in the future.   Learning Mandarin Chinese not only gives you the opportunity to understand the culture of one of the world’s oldest civilizations, but it could also benefit your further education and future career. You will be introduced to the speaking and writing of Chinese characters. You will study topics like Greetings, Food and Drink, School Life as well as aspects of Chinese culture.  As a highlight of the class, we have previously celebrated the Chinese New Year with a meal in China Town giving students the chance to practise the language they have been learning.  

Students always think Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn.  From my experience at LPGS, most of the students find that Mandarin Chinese is not as difficult as they thought after a few lessons. 

Debating club will allow you an opportunity to develop and refine your public speaking skills. Do you have strong opinions and need an outlet in which to share them? Do you wish to develop your confidence in a nurturing environment? We will discuss and debate on lots of different issues of your choosing. There will be several occasions to partake in local and national competitions across the term as well as showing off your newly developed skills of reasoning and argument in assemblies.

Future Learn

For this enrichment you could choose to do extra guided learning either or take an online course on the Future Learn website. The Future Learn website has courses run by leading UK and international universities and there are a huge range of courses on many different topics, from Science and Technology to Arts and Humanities, from Body and Mind to Business and Management. (Check out the Future Learn website www.futurelearn.com). Examples of courses are: How to Succeed at Interviews, Preparing for University, International Politics, The Science of Nuclear Energy, Nutrition and Wellbeing and Introduction to Journalism.

Mock Trial

This activity is open to both law students and non-law students. It is suitable for those of you who are thinking of Law as a future career, want to enhance your application for a Law degree or want to improve your public speaking skills. It will involve working in groups to prepare a mock trial: a criminal trial with witnesses and evidence. You will work together to try and win a case based on your abilities to question and challenge witnesses whilst sticking to the rules of court.


LAMDA is a prestigious Drama School in London who set up their own examination board to enable those interested in drama to gain internationally recognised qualifications within the field. The exam consist of learning two to three monologues, with classes focusing on acting, character development, practitioners, text analysis, historical context of the arts, directorial and acting styles; and monologue learning techniques. All classes are taught by trained theatre industry professionals who are currently working within the theatre industry.

Book Club

This will be a student led club where pupils share their thoughts and opinions on a range of books. It is an opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and in reading, through examining various prize-winning novels and engaging in enjoyable discussions.

This would be of great benefit to anyone studying English Literature, Drama or simply to anyone who enjoys an interesting story.

Will help students with:

  • Broadening your horizons.
  • Offering a wider understanding of literature.
  • Forming arguments and discussions.
Human Rights

Ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world of fear?  Fear of speaking out or speaking your mind? Do you believe that all people should be treated equally no matter where they are from, what gender they are, what beliefs they have or the colour of their skin?

Many of us never need to think or consider this but this is not an equal world.  Many countries still have the death penalty.  Women can be stoned to death for committing adultery.  You can be imprisoned for speaking out against a government.  People do not have the right to vote for the person that rules their country.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise runs over the course of 1 academic year, you will find out what it’s really like to set up and run your own business. You will make all the decisions about your company, from deciding on the company name and product to creating a business plan, managing the company finances, selling to the public at trade fairs to ultimately winding up the company and paying your taxes. All this takes place with the support of a volunteer Business Adviser who attends weekly meetings and brings a wealth of business knowledge and expertise.

Primary School

A number of local Primary schools have requested helpers for a variety of activities including foreign language, teaching, sport, maths, science and supporting children with learning difficulties. You go into schools on a Wednesday to help them with whatever they require you to assist with.

Students studying BTEC Children’s Play, Learning and Development MUST choose this option as it is a compulsory part of the course!

Work Experience

Want to stand out from the crowd? Organise your own volunteer placement to support applications to jobs and university. This is of particular use if you are planning to apply for highly competitive degrees and/or vocational degrees such as veterinary surgery or nursing, teaching, medicine or medically-related degrees e.g. physiotherapy, nursing, midwifery. Examples of placements are the RSPCA, a primary school, a GP surgery, the hospital, a veterinary surgery and working in a charity shop.

Adopt a Teacher

A chance to work closely with a member of staff on a weekly basis supporting the learning of students in Years 7-11 in a subject that you enjoy and have an aptitude for. During ‘adopt a teacher’ you will get the chance to work with groups and individuals, gaining valuable experience of the teaching environment whilst developing many transferable skills. You will be ‘matched’ to an individual teacher who will guide you on how to help them in the lesson. You may even get to teach part of a lesson!