KS4 - KS5 Transition

KS4 - KS5 Transition Programme

  • Autumn PSCHE Day: Year 11 students explore progression options for Post 16 and are introduced to our Careers Academy and Careers Advisor.
  • Tutor time support for course entry requirements.
  • Lunch and break times spent in Sixth Form centre, exploring facilities and talking to Year 12 students.
  • Year 11 Information Evening.
  • Progression assemblies: LPGS Sixth Form team and prefects.
  • LPGS Sixth Form Open Days: Subject information, course entry requirements and provisional curriculum offer.
  • Passport to Sixth Form; a comprehensive guide to prepare for a successfully KS5 experience - for students to be informed and make the right choices.
  • Year 11 Progress reports with APS based on current grades.
  • During lessons: Subject information and course requirements are available to inform progression.
  • Advice relating to Post 16 choices: Individual/small group appointments with Careers Advisor.
  • Shadowing Year 13 Oxbridge and Medical mock interviews: individual/small group sessions with Sixth Form Director of Learning.


  • Year 11 Taster Sessions for KS5 subjects not offered at KS4.
  • Entry: Support available to complete forms, Sixth Form subject choice during Tutor Time.
  • Meetings with non LPGS student applicant.
  • Conditional offer letters for non-LPGS students.
  • Advice relating to Post 16 choices: Individual/small group appointments with Careers Advisor.

MAY Year 11

  • Official invitation to LPGS Sixth Form Taster Day in June.

JUNE Year 11

  • LPGS Sixth Form Taster Day. Subject specific transition learning set, to be completed over the summer, in preparation for Level 3 study.

JULY Year 11

  • Confirmation of Post-16 Programme of Study for all students.
  • Students receive their Admissions Booklets.
  • LPGS Sixth Form Taster Day.

AUGUST Year 11

  • GCSE results.
  • APS for each student calculated on best 8 subjects
  • Sixth Form Enrolment to confirm Post-16 programme of study


  • Sixth Form Induction and academic probation to ensure that all students are on the correct pathway to success.