100 Club

The PTA is excited to run the LPGS PTA 100 Club. Applications for 2018/19 are now open. The application form can be found in the page download section on the left hand side of this page.

It is believed that the chances of winning the main National Lottery game are 14 MILLION TO ONE, so why waste a pound on such high odds when you have a much, much better chance of winning £50 every month by joining the LPGS PTA 100 CLUB and helping the school in the process!

For a fee of £12 a year you have the chance to win a monthly prize of £50. Additional prizes are awarded if subscription levels allow. The draw takes place at the end of every month (or term end for holiday dates) by the head or one of her deputies.


One half of the money raised will go in prize money. After administration costs have been met, all other money will benefit the School and its students.

  • Prize winners will be notified personally within two weeks of the draw.
  • Winners’ names will be displayed on the web-site.
  • The PTA is registered with the local authority under the Gambling Act 2005.
  • No child under the age of 16 years may be a member of the club.
  • The draw can take place with fewer than 100 members, in which event the prize money will be adjusted accordingly.


What is the 100 Club Fund?
The 100 Club Fund is a lottery run to support the school. Draws are made at the end of each month throughout the academic year, starting at the end of September and running through to August.

How does it work?
Each member pays £12 per year per share and that puts them in to a monthly draw, with the chance of winning £50 per draw. The prize money is dependent on there being 100 members. If there are more than 100 members, then the prize money will increase. 50% of all income will be allocated as prize money. Each member gets an individual number per share they own.

Who can join?
Parents, students, teachers, family members and friends. Under 16’s are NOT allowed to take part as per the Gambling Act 2005. Applicants are not limited to one membership.

How does it help the school?
50% of all money taken in membership goes to the PTA who then fund school requests for help.

How can I join?
By submitting a membership form and remittance and sending it in to the school office, either through the post or by hand.

All applications must be received by 15th September each year to ensure inclusion for all draws. Applications cannot be accepted after this date.

Please mark envelopes for the attention of: “LPGS PTA - 100 Club”