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For Year 11, 12 and 13 leavers

Below are vacancies and places to look if you are seeking employment. 

The companies below have contacted the LPGS Careers Academy or they are organisations, I know of who have apprenticeship and job vacancies.  They are not endorsed or investigated by Langley Park School for Girls, please check out each vacancy yourself.  I will be happy to help in any way that I can – you can contact me by email

Good luck!


CIS A-Level Management Trainee Job Description

CIS Security Limited is the largest independently owned security company within London.

We employ over 1,300 people in the UK managing corporate enterprises, universities, media centers and high end retailers.  Our expertise in logistics, crime prevention, security analysis, counter terrorism, investigation, risk management and security management allows our staff to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of security related and intelligence led activities.

We pride ourselves in developing exceptional people who are doing extraordinary jobs who have a desire for success.   Our professionalism and commitment to deliver a high service to our customer is demonstrated through our people with passion.

We are looking for enthusiastic and enterprising sixth form leavers to join our A-Level Management Programme, who is conscientious, has an eye for detail and excellent customer service skills.

The role will offer you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience of the business whilst working towards a nationally recognised professional qualification.


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