German Trip to Berlin

Our German students and three members of staff left for Berlin on Wednesday 26th March. Follow their visit below and see more photos on our gallery pages.

Day 2:

1_rot Visit to the Bundestag! The girls climbed almost to the top and had a fantastic view of the city.

The Langley girls gave very interesting
presentations to the German students about
life and culture in the UK.


The students have fun with ice-breakers
to get to know their German partners

Intercultural workshop 5


The Langley girls and their German partners at the end of their first morning together.

6 Standing on top of the Bundestag in the sunshine.
The girls were very impressed by the glass dome! 7

Day 3

The girls visited the Turkish market by the canal, Maybachufer, and were able to try traditional Turkish dips and and breads, spices, teas and flowers.


The girls learnt a lot about the Turkish culture and influence in Berlin and had the opportunity to practice some Turkish from their activity booklets.  

9a 9

We visited Gendarmenmarkt where the girls could
sit on the red carpet of the Konzert Haus
while they learnt about the history of the
square and the efforts made to restore the
beautiful buildings following WW2.




We walked through the city to Checkpoint
Charlie where the girls were able to explore
the memorial and get their passports stamped
as if they were going through to the other side
of the Berlin Wall. 

Days 3 & 4:
Over the weekend, the girls had great fun with their German partners - some had a barbecue in the park, visited the zoo and even went up the Fernsehturm, a 368m tall TV tower close to Alexanderplatz where you can see a 360 degree view of the city.

Day 5:
The girls went to the East of Berlin for the Alternative Street Art Tour, where they learnt about famous street artists from Berlin and learnt to recognise work by artists such as El Bocho, with his series of work called ‘Little Lucy’



Following the tour, the girls were able to create their own street art in the Graffitti workshop. They were given a choice of images to cut out and make into their own stencils (this was quite tricky!).

They then had a demonstration on different spray-painting techniques before being given time to experiment. There was a great choice of stencils, including Marilyn Monroe, The Blues Brothers, Audrey Hepburn and a variety of famous cartoon characters. The students had to first spray their boards with a background colour before they could lay over their stencil. Some of the girls were very creative and layered their backgrounds with different textures!

All of the girls produced some fantastic pieces of street art to take home!

IMG_0196_2 IMG_0201_2

Day 6:
On our last full day, we visited Potsdam, the capital city of the German federal state of Brandenburg, where we went to the Biosphäre.


The girls were able to explore the aquarium, butterfly house and even came up close to tropical snakes and spiders! At the Biosphäre, there was a beautiful display of hundreds of different types of orchids.


In the afternoon, we took the girls on a walk around the lakes in Wannsee, in the SouthWest of Berlin. The girls crossed over the Glienicke bridge, connecting Potsdam to Wannsee, where spies were exchanged during the war.


Day 7:
On our last day, the girls said goodbye to their host school.

They were taken on a walking tour of Wilmersdorf with their German partners, followed by a quiz around Schloss Charlottenburg, the oldest palace in Berlin and the only surviving royal residence dating back to the Hohenzollern family.




Before we left for the airport, the girls were awarded prizes for their efforts in completing their activity booklets, quizzes and questionnaires. There were tearful goodbyes as the girls left behind their German partners, and eagerly looked forward to their visit to London in June.

Coralie Nelson “I made some new best friends!”
Molly Lynch “The best bit about the exchange was having freedom to explore Berlin with our friends.”
Sian Little “My favourite part was the graffiti workshop!”

To see all the images from the trip, please see our gallery page.