Jack Petchey Award

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The Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme enables schools to recognise effort, endeavour and achievement of young people in a practical and positive way. Each month (except July, August & December) an award will be given to one student. To win an award students need to be exceptionally hard working or have done something really positive for other people. A student may only receive ONE award during their time at the school. 

The winner receives a framed certificate, a Jack Petchey Young Achiever pin badge and £250 to be spent on a school or community project of their choice. All Achievement Award winners are invited to attend the annual Borough Presentation Ceremony to receive their medallions.

To find out more about the award scheme visit the Jack Petchey Award Scheme Website


2016-17 Winners

November's Jack Petchy Acheivement Award winner is Titolu Olasode 10GB

Titolu had a tough start to Year 10 with a lot of difficult things to deal with outside of school. Despite this Titolu has carried on with her upbeat and can-do attitude. She is a good friend to many and helps out students with homework and friendship issues. She has been particularly helpful to a new EAL student and supports her in learning English by teaching her new words and phrases every day. She has shown strength and courage this term and should be  commended. Well done Titolu!


October's Jack Petchy Acheivement Award winner is Olivia Wiltshire 10GB

Olivia is a quiet and determined individual who is always very respectful of her peers and  members of staff. In Year 9 Olivia mentored Year 7 students where she was able to put her kind and empathetic nature to good use. After finding out her parents regularly donate to  charity she made the decision that she would donate part of her own pocket money each month to give to worthy causes. As well as this Olivia recently visited Macedonia for a week as a volunteer to help less fortunate children and to help improve facilities in a school. All of this generosity and kindness is typical of Olivia. Well Done Olivia!


September's Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Molly Barron 6H1

Molly is an ambitious and committed Year 13 student who has helped and supported both staff and students throughout her time at LPGS. After setting up her own meetings with top industry professionals from the theatre world, Molly has spent the last year learning and gaining experience in technical theatre. She has assisted and run a huge variety of school productions, set up a group to run their own student theatre productions as well as being a prefect and studying 4 A levels! No matter how busy she is, she is always smiling and willing to lend a hand! Well done Molly!


2015-16 Winners

April's Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Demitris Nathanael 6IF

Demitris is totally committed to his academic studies. He is in school by 7.30am every morning to work in his tutor room. He often continues studying through lunch and again, after school at revision classes. Demitris reflects upon his learning and actively seeks feedback to help him improve. Without fail, his participation in class is excellent; he is enthusiastic and demonstrates curiosity and inquisitiveness to develop his knowledge beyond the confines of the specification. Demitris is never anything but cheerful, polite and friendly. He is an excellent role model who regularly attends the gym and plays football, showing an awareness of the importance of maintaining his health. One of his major qualities is his sensitivity and concern for others. He is very supportive and helpful to fellow students who are struggling and he gives generously of his time to help them. In addition to this, he is always willing to help staff and acts as a great ambassador for the school at public functions.


March's Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Olivia Tallis 10KG

Olivia has worked exceptionally hard this half term on an outreach project with Unicorn Primary school. She has gone out of her way to plan exciting lessons and activities for her fellow classmates and the children. She leads each session in an extremely approachable and calm manner and the students, both at Langley and Unicorn, have made outstanding progress as a result. She has demonstrated excellent leadership and organisational skills to name just a few. Olivia has exceed all expectations and has achieved this without any prompting from the staff.


February's Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Faye Kempster 9SM

Faye has been nominated by her peers in the tutor group because they feel that she takes her responsibility as the ‘Charity Representative’ very seriously. Faye has been proactive in organising fundraising collections and events this year; of note, she – alongside 3 other students in Year 9 – arranged to have a significant length of her hair cut off. This hair was donated to create wigs for children who are undergoing treatment for cancer. A very worthy cause. Well done Faye!

Faye is donating her £250 grant to the PE department so they can use it  to purchase hockey equipment


January’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Katie Ripley 6IF

Katie has constantly shown a dedication and passion for every aspect of school life. At the end of Year 12, she was successful in her application to become a Sixth Form Prefect where she was allocated the role of Team Leader for the School Environment Prefect and Form Rep teams. In this role she has made significant contributions in preparing resources, improving displays around the school and raising awareness of whole school themes such as PSHCE, Community Languages and the Rights Respecting School. Katie actively challenges herself, she is highly reliable and is clearly committed to student leadership and participation in the wider the school community. This was evident when she recently gave up her time to work with the Bromley Youth Council to conduct the 2016 elections. Katie is a delight to teach; bright, engaged and eager to develop to reach her full potential.

Katie is donating her £250 grant to the Drama department in order for the money to be used to expand the collection of props and costumes in time for the summer GCSE and A-level examinations.


November’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Jessica Purvis 11GT

Jessica had a nervous start to her GCSE Science studies but quietly and steadily raised her game throughout the year, culminating in her passing her GCSE Core Science exam in August 2015. She has become an increasingly dedicated student who is an asset to her class. This has resulted in her being able to reach her minimum expected grade a year early!

We are aware that Jessica is a carer at home. Managing these responsibilities, at such a young age, as well as performing well at school, should be acknowledged, admired and celebrated which is why Jess fully deserves this award.

 Jessica is donating her £200 grant to the Science Department in order for them to be able to increase and update their GCSE Additional Science textbooks.


September’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Emily Stocker 8GB

Emily has been nominated for a Jack Petchey Achievement Award by four of her peers and this nomination has been supported by her teachers. Emily’s peers would like her to be recognised for being a considerate and supportive friend who always makes time to cheer people up when they are feeling down. Emily has a high level of commitment to her learning both independently and when working with others. She has even given up her time to help her friend, Charlotte, to plan parts of lessons in her new role as a Learning Representative. Emily is an excellent role model to others, really helpful in the classroom and a pleasure to teach. Well done Emily!

Emily is donating her £200 grant to the Performing Arts Faculty so that they can use it to buy additional props and costumes for the annual, whole school production.


September’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Caitlin Forman Watson 11GC

Caitlin has made excellent progress in Dance. She has developed in confidence, creativity and she shows sensitivity toward her peers. Dance has enabled Caitlin to grow in self-esteem and she has become a highly valued member of her GCSE Dance group.

Last summer, Caitlin assisted in the organisation of the 2015, Bromley Schools Dance Festival. She took on a leadership role in organising fun activities for wider community which, in turn, raised money for the LPGS Dance Department. Her assistance and contribution to the Dance Festival was essential to ensuring the smooth-running, and overall success, of the event.

Caitlin has certainly made impressive progress in her overall self-development and this is why we feel that she deserves this achievement award.

Caitlin is donating her £200 grant to the Dance Department who will be using this money to subsidise a Year 11 Dance trip. This trip is a fantastic opportunity for the GCSE dancers as they will be participating in a dance competition that is taking place at Euro Disney from Thursday 18th February until Sunday 21st February 2016.

The Jack Petchy Student Committee has selected Mr Christie for our 'Jack Petchy Leader Award' 2015

Mr Christie’s work ethos is totally student centred. Students make good progress, their enjoyment of Science, particularly Biology, and their well-being is uppermost and his own needs take second place, always.

Mr Christie has organised trips for the A-level students to the Sanger Institute; to various workshops and ethical debates at the Royal College of Surgeons and the Royal College of Pathologists. He has organised visiting speakers, including a professor from Brighton Medical School, who gave both advice on UCAS applications and personally provided valuable work-experience for some students.

Mr Christie organises the annual ‘End of Year 13 Bar-b-que and Walk’ for students and staff; breakfast revision before major exams for both A-level and GCSE students (he buys the breakfast!), revision mornings in key holidays for Year 12 & 13 students plus some Saturday morning coursework catch-up sessions. He is always available before, during and after school for students and staff and nothing is too much trouble for him. He also organises all social events in the faculty – and he has a great sense of humour!

Mr Christie is highly supportive of his tutor group and it is clear to see that they value him greatly. He attends all concerts and drama performances and, in this way, supports the wider school community. Mr Christie was part of the ‘Shine Marathon Walk’ group last year who raised in excess of £3,000 for Cancer Research and her has done this again in September 2015!

Mr Christie is a pillar of support: his organisation is second to none and this has a major positive impact on staff and students. None of this would be possible without Mr Christie giving so generously of his own time.

Congratulations Mr Christie!


June’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Laura Watson 9SF
Laura’s commitment to learning is outstanding in every respect in Science. She is an excellent student who works tirelessly on developing her skills and now consistently achieves top grades in her assessments. She is a reflective and evaluative learner who responds to feedback and listens to advice. As a class representative, she supports others in lessons. Laura is a thoroughly reliable co-leader and role-model in the Year 7 Science Club, inspiring others to enjoy Science as much as she does. In Year 8, Laura joined the Science Crest Club: she took a leading role in a major project which subsequently gained a Silver Crest award – an unusual achievement for a Year 8 student! She presented the project at the South East Big Bang Fair. At this year’s Open Evening, Laura took sole responsibility for giving a practical demonstration and she excelled in her role as an ambassador for the school. Many parents voiced their appreciation and praise for her mature and enthusiastic manner. Laura is also a skilled musician and an active member of the school orchestra. She aspires to study medicine and has applied for a summer school at St George’s Hospital; she has also visited the Royal College of Surgeons where she took the opportunity to practice suturing skills! She has an extremely positive approach to her studies and the wider school community and we couldn’t have run the Science Club this year without her!

Laura has offered her £200 grant to the Science Faculty so that they can buy some exciting resources for the Science Club. They plan to buy dry ice and some Biotechnology Bacterial Transformation kits.

May’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Sophie Palmieri 11SS
Sophia is an outstanding student who has devoted herself to Langley Park School for Girls as well as the wider community. She has volunteered for a range of projects and presentations and she has represented the school at events both during and after school. Sophia worked with the Park Langley Dance group in organising and presenting a range of different performances to the wider community. She was also a key role in the Christmas show at the Town Hall which involved meticulous time management and dedication. As a student, Sophia pushes herself and others to achieve her full potential and she is incredibly supportive and thoughtful to those around her.

Sophia has offered her £200 grant to expand the range of costumes in the wardrobe of the Drama department.

April’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Sophia Johncock 13LY
Sophia recently organised a fund-raising event to raise money for Teens Unite. This is charity that helps people in their teens and early twenties through their cancer journeys. Sophia bravely shaved all of her hair off as her event and raised £3,000+ (she is still collecting!) In true artistic fashion, she has gone on to use her hair as mixed-media in her current A-level Fine Art exam preparation, producing work on the theme of ‘Perfection and Imperfection’. She is also planning further fundraising ventures and will be running 10 kilometres for the same charity in June.

Sophia has offered her £200 grant to Food Technology so that they can replace worn cooking equipment in time for the practical examinations.

March’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Monique Parris 11LH
A truly outstanding individual, Monique arrived from a different school at the start of Year 11 and has settled in so well. Her approach to her studies, and wider school life, show great maturity and determination. She is exemplary team player who has motivated herself and her group in GCSE Drama to reach their full potential. She has had a hugely positive impact on her peers in the GCSE Drama class as a whole and she is a responsible and delightful young lady.

Monique has divided her £200 grant and offered £100 to the Maths Department to buy some more GCSE textbooks and £100 to contribute toward sound equipment in Drama.


February’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Molly Lambert 9KG
Molly was selected by her form tutor to participate in a public speaking workshop in order to develop self-confidence. Molly became one of the two, Year 9 students chosen from the initial workshop to represent LPGS at the Speak Out Challenge! Molly was taken out of her comfort zone and rose to the challenge brilliantly. She delivered a very thought provoking speech about the use of social media, on stage, in front of an audience of parents, teachers and judges and this did not appear to phase her. Molly took on this challenge and executed it to the best of her ability despite being very nervous. She might not have won the event but she was a winner due to the personal challenge she faced and overcame.

Molly has divided her £200 grant and offered £100 to Science in order for them to buy some more measuring equipment and £100 to English to spend on books.


January’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Emma Pain 13S
Emma organised and promoted 4 school-wide charity events in the Autumn Term of 2014. She successfully collected 106 boxes for ‘Love in a Box’ and she coordinated large groups of people to collect donations for both ‘Save the Children’ and the Poppy Appeal. She is a great Prefect Team Leader who puts in a great deal of effort to help the school and the community.

Emma has offered her £200 grant to part-fund First Aid Training for Sixth Form students.


2014 Winners

November’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Victoria Thomas 11KJ
Victoria was entered, along with many other Y11 students, for iGCSE in English this term. She showed resilience and commitment to the demands of preparing for this exam in a short space of time. She attended every revision session offered, after school every week and two Saturday classes. Victoria excelled when it came to her speaking and listening exam and overall, has produced a folder of excellent quality. The English faculty feel that she needs to be commended for her wonderful hard work, strength and her ability to achieve.

Victoria has offered her £200 grant to the Dance Department who will be using this money to subsidise a Year 11 Dance trip. This trip is a fantastic opportunity for the GCSE dancers as they will be participating in a dance competition that is taking place at Euro Disney!


October’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Tochi Ejimofo 10SM
Tochi independently initiated, planned and executed a ‘Bake Sale’ to raise funds for a charity for young people with heart disease and to support Food Technology at LPGS. She co-ordinated the help of her peers in the sale within the school. This was all undertaken with outstanding enthusiasm as indeed, she approaches her own learning.

Tochi has offered her £200 grant to the Art Department as her older sister studies GCSE Fine Art and she would like to provide resources for the forthcoming GCSE examination.


September’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Alice Jaffray 11SC
Alice is a dedicated worker. Her back operation last year caused her to miss a lot of school including many Science lessons that are vital to her GCSE’s. Alice never moaned or grumbled about this. She just accepted the situation and she got on with trying to learn all of the work that she had missed. Alice has now found out that she has to have a second operation. Again, she has accepted that this is what needs to be done. Alice always thinks of others more than herself; she has always been so stoic and so resilient in both her work and life in general that her peers feel that she really deserves this award.

Alice is using her £200 grant to provide additional maps, map cases, compasses, tent pegs and survival bags for future Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.


June’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Amber Ward 10SS
Amber has dedicated hours and hours of her time to both the Music Department and the whole school. She has performed for parents at many events including the KS3 Presentation Evening, Sports Awards' Evening, Media Awards' Evening and countless concerts. She is always up for a challenge and motivates and inspires other students. Amber’s commitment has been invaluable to the school.


May’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Miranda Cook 10SC
Miranda is always incredibly hardworking and has been achieving excellent grades in English since the start of the year.  She has a talent for creative writing and is a driving force behind the CGSE Drama group. Miranda is always courteous, helpful and shows a real sense of maturity. She has an extremely positive and proactive approach to her studies and the wider school community.  


April’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Bethany Atkins-Mandell 11KK
Bethany has made a huge improvement in Textiles during this year. For the last term and a half she has worked with increasing effort, focus and determination.  She has become thoroughly engaged with the design and making process.  Bethany’s skills have improved, demonstrating a very good level of accuracy, and she now appears to be enjoying working to the best of her ability.


March’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Sophie Kettle-Smith 11LC
Sophie is an inspiration to everyone and she is incredibly hardworking. She is involved with Music and Drama and makes a valuable contribution to school life. She gives up her time to help others with their work, revision and problems.


February’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Rita-Mai Connor 11LT
Rita-Mai is an eternally positive and enthusiastic student who shows great determination in many difficult situations. She is a delight to teach and a credit to herself and her family.


January’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Evie Richards 11SB
Evie is an outstanding individual who is always enthusiastic, positive and dependable. She tirelessly works hard academically while giving so much to the wider school community. A quiet, often overlooked student, Evie is involved in a range of activities from the Year Book committee and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme to playing a large part in the life of the school and her tutor group.


2013 Winners

November’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Georgia Baker 13M
Georgia has shown outstanding devotion to the school, providing support for many events such as the Y7 Parents’ Evening and the Sixth Form Open Evenings. She is a superb student and an asset to LPGS.

October’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Bernadette Ward 13C
After wanting to drop out, Bernadette proved herself to be a fantastic team player and leader on our World Challenge trip to Malaysia in the summer. She overcame her fears and worries and wasn’t fazed by various struggles that the team had. Also, following AS results that didn’t meet her expectations, Bernadette has really tried hard to improve her work and keep her grades up in Y13.

September’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Courteney Newton 11SB
Courteney shows outstanding devotion to the whole school community. She has the ability to organise a wide range of extracurricular activities while still being an exemplary student.

June’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Chloé Kibblewhite 9SB
Chloé always makes an outstanding contribution to music, helping others to improve their learning. She is extremely dedicated to practising and performing, having never missed a rehearsal or performance. Chloé gives 100% effort to pursuing her passion, using her lunchtimes and breaks to rehearse.

Chloé’s has chosen to use her £200 to buy a licence for ZigZag Education online Music resources

May’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Joanna Dixon 9LS
For the last 3 years Joanna has completed approximately 50 minutes of physiotherapy with Mrs Tully each week before joining the rest of her class for the remainder of her PE lesson. Joanna puts 100% effort into all the physio work; never complaining when the exercises are even more challenging than those previously set. The results of her hard work are clear to see and have been recognised by the hospital Physiotherapist who visits her at school on a regular basis.

Joanna continues to overcome any obstacles that present themselves and is always positive and determined to do her best.
Joanna is using £100 to buy lino & aqua-lino printing inks for Art & £100 to buy board games for Maths – Monopoly, Rumicub & playing cards.

April’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Sophie Gresham 13ST
Sophie is outstanding in her achievement, effort and contribution to all lessons in Science. She is inspiring to others through her work, progress and attitude towards learning.

Sophie is using her £200 towards a Y13 Biology visit to London Zoo after the A2 exams.

March’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Eve Deighton 13P
Eve is training to run the marathon to raise funds for MS-UK, the charity supporting anyone affected by Multiple Sclerosis. She runs several miles every day and 3 times a week runs 20 miles after school. She is studying 4 A levels: Biology, Chemistry, Food Technology & Maths. She supports her family at home including taking her younger brother to & from school. Eve is very caring of her siblings & checks simple things such as whether they have keys & are able to get home if she stays at school. In addition she completed the World Challenge expedition to Vietnam in 2011 & the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze & Silver Awards. She also runs children’s parties at the weekends & babysits for friends. Eve has a real zest for life: her cheerful, bubbly personality is infectious. It is a privilege to know such a totally selfless person who puts everyone else first.

Eve’s £200 is going to be used to present an annual Biology Award for effort.

February’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Amy Godden 13S
Amy has been a Year 12 team leader and is our head social prefect in Year 13. She has been working very hard to raise money whilst working towards obtaining brilliant grades at A level. Amy has also managed to secure her future by using her own initiative to get an apprenticeship with the fifth biggest accounting firm in the world, where she’ll study at Cambridge

Amy has chosen to put her £200 towards the Y13 end of year prom.

January’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Abbie Mills 12S
Abbie supports Science Club after school each Thursday. She has contributed to Science through her attendance at enrichment sessions and her general positive demeanour throughout the year.

Abbie is putting her £200 towards a Canopy Access activity for the 10 students on the ‘Operation Wallacea’ expedition to Honduras.


2012 Winners

November’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Stefani Koleva 11LS
Stefani has been hugely supportive of a new KS3 student who has just arrived at the school. The student speaks very little English and Stefani, as a Bulgarian speaker, has gone out of her way to enable the student to get to know her way around and know what to do. Stefani has given up countless lunchtimes and breaks to make the student feel welcome and supported. Without Stefani we would not have been able to communicate with the student in the same way. Stefani is a mature, reliable and dedicated student who is an asset to LPGS.

Stefani is using her £200 to buy paint, paint brushes and special cartridge paper for Art.

October’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Megan Moloney 12B
Megan is always a very good hearted and helpful person who goes out of her way to aid others. She coaches Year 7 students for netball, spent part of her summer volunteering at a primary school and also volunteered at a charity shop.

Megan has chosen to split her £200 to buy chemical models and a weather station for Science and some towards a motivational speaker for our Sports Awards Evening.

September’s Jack Petchey Achievement Award winner is Michelle Watson 11GB
Michelle always tries her best and puts in 100% effort, no matter what the circumstances are. She is also a kind and compassionate person.

Michelle has chosen to share her £200, putting £100 towards a camcorder for Science and £100 to buy glass bowls & basins and a recipe book for Food Technology