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Free Online Learning Resources

LPGS is committed to providing continuity of learning and structures to support our young people at this very difficult time. Whether they are studying at home now, or in the coming weeks we have a range of learning that students can access:


  • Staff are posting lesson resources from each lesson to the whole class
  • Students are being provided with hard copy learning resources to use in and out of class in the event of staff absence / school closure
  • Live teaching is taking place using Microsoft Teams (or similar), where appropriate
  • Recommended resources for self-study are listed below. These include digital resources and how to find out passwords, if students do not already have them


We ask that all students log on at 8.30 in the morning and read the morning briefing. Each one will be found here. They should also check what work has been set and whether there are any live lessons to ‘attend’. and see what work has been set.


They should try to stick to their normal timetable of learning as much as is possible.


Where practical lessons cannot be fulfilled, there are lots of other activities that can be undertaken to develop skills, knowledge and understanding.


Maths and reading should be undertaken each day. A list of recommended reads that might be inspiring are here.


Resources will be updated periodically.


Resources covering a range of subjects

Resource Overview Research anything and find relevant & readable search results for children. Learning resources and quizzes for Primary to KS4 courses Learning resources and quizzes for Primary to post 16 courses Learning resources and quizzes for primary to post 16 courses Learning resources and quizzes for primary to post 16 courses Visual Arts centred site Official site of the Tate Gallery A range of free online textbooks


Existing Platforms

Many subjects regularly use a variety of online platforms with students. Most of these require a login that the student should already have.

Name of platform Subject Year Group
Seneca Learn Computer Science KS3, KS4
Mathswatch Maths KS3, KS4
Linguascope MFL KS3, KS4
Educake Science KS3, KS4
Kerboodle Science KS3, KS4, KS5
PiXL App - Timestables Timetables KS3, KS4, KS5
PiXL App - Unlock Vocabulary KS3, KS4, KS5
Audiopi English KS4
PiXL App English Lit KS4
GCSE Bundle Food & Nutrition KS4
PiXL App Geography KS4
PiXL App History KS4
PiXL App Maths KS4
Kerboodle MFL KS4
Focus on Sound Music KS4 Physics KS4, KS5
BeeBusinessBee Business KS4, KS5
Tutor2U Business KS4, KS5
Seneca Learn PE KS4, KS5
Isaac Computer Science Computer Science KS5
E-magazine English KS5
FlippedLearning Law KS5
DynamicLearning MFL KS5
Prechewed Politics Politics KS5
The Economist Politics KS5 Politics KS5
The Daily Telegraph Politics KS5
Illuminate digital text book AQA psych1 Psychology KS5
Kerboodle English Y9, KS4
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