Geography Field Trip

  • Geography Field Trip

Year 12 Residential Field Trip 4th - 7th November 2014

Follow our students progress throughout the day via the always entertaining Mr Maisey @geo12LPGS


Also checkout the Swanage 2014 gallery which will be updated daily during the trip.

Swanage Diary

Day 2 update

The haunted walk up through the moonlit woods and onto the castle was well received, even if Mr Maisey's ghost story telling skills need some work. The gruesome severed hand and moonlit landscape helped add some scare factor to the proceedings.


Day 3

As has become our routine, we were 'up-n-at-em' by 8am - another fry up tucked away, followed by murmurs of waistlines and getting fit before we cast off (I'm fully in the marina mood after 3 days at the coast) for Poole in the minibuses. Our route out of Swanage put us in some roadworks which Mrs Tagg DID NOT appreciate. There seems to be mounting evidence that she is a little susceptible to sudden bouts of road rage. Rage aside, we arrived first at Sandbanks ready and willing to get our geographical teeth into the day's first fieldwork opportunity. At this point Oliver chose to add 'mad professor' googles to his already impressive array of crazy attire. Having been visiting the area as a geography teacher since '81 Mrs Tagg has a wealth of knowledge on the area and regaled the troops with precious nuggets of information, which had most scribbling away frantically before the opportunity was lost. It was only a short stop though and so we didn't get to try Melody's recommended 'best hot chocolate in the universe' cafe. We scurried back onto the busses and made haste to downtown Poole. A short walk along the seafront with the 'James and Tom Football Showboating School' to entertain us. Tom's most applauded skill - falling on his bum when showing off. Almost bested by Mr Maisey's 'run-around-after-a-crisp-packet' routine. At the quayside Mrs Tagg metaphorically wound the geographical minds of our students with questions and queries about Poole and like wind up Christmas cracker toys, they stumbled away, buffeted by the wind, to search out those answers. It was heart wrenching watching them out in the elements from the comfort of our warm cafe, cradling numerous hot drinks. Next up Bournemouth. Parking along the promenade, we had a casual walk along the beach into town and conducted various information gathering exercises relating to beach litter, use and condition. This left students a couple of hours to have some R & R in town. Most chose to hunt down the closest Nandos! Clearly we don't feed them enough chicken in Swanage. Word on the grapevine is some people came close to putting themselves in danger to cross dual carriageways to reach the promised Nandos land. Thankfully Kathryn's intervention and detour meant they didn't have to and it only added 20minutes to their walk. Everyone does what Kathryn's says in her group as rumour has it she stabbed someone through the leg, and laughed! It has been suggested Aaron's life is in danger as he took Kathryn's seat for the meal. It is assumed a police investigation will follow. Rhythmi continues her vendetta against the dog world and amongst the canine population she is known as The Ponytailed Dog Puncher. Having already loaded up on the fast food of their choice Emily and Gabby did their good deed for the day and handed over their lunches to homeless people. It's probably a good thing Emily ate something other than a jacket potato today as there were serious health concerns she was becoming part potato, with hair made of cheese and eyes of beans!

Back at the hostel we unloaded a silent, sodden and sullen group to freshen up before the evenings activities. At dinner smiles had, thankfully, returned. Although, Mrs Tagg's smile became a choking cough when Ellie compared Mrs Tagg's eating speed to that of her nan :-o

Fun question to finish, "are you the parent of a child that had a reputation for clucking like a chicken at tennis lessons?".

Thank you to Mrs Tagg for running another enjoyable A level geography trip which forms an essential part of their summer exam (I promise we did do lots of work!). Thank you also to the students who behaved impeccably and did everything they were asked. Well done - you completed Swanage!


Signing off,

Mr Maisey.



Day 2

A hearty full English breakfast was enjoyed by most this morning to get us energized for the day ahead. It started with a short trip up the coast to Studland where we surveyed vegetation and mapped beach profiles. Another day at the coast and we were treated to another fabulous day of weather. The wind chill meant a cool start but as students got to grips with ranging poles, clinometers and quadrats the sun climbed higher and we got a little warmer. After a morning of Marram grass and dune slacks we reconvened at the café. Fancy new buzzers to let you know when your food is ready and WIFI(!) at the beach essentially translated as twenty minutes on snapchat while munching bowls of chips. Students were still full of energy and desperate to do more fieldwork so we pulled out of the car park listening to Ellie’s lilting American twang, as she sang “on the road again!” – we were indeed. Next stop was Lulworth Cove where there was much geography to be seen, plus we got to see where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed (thank you Melody). We powered up and over the 1 mile coastal path from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door which to some was reminiscent of Ecuador – we did not detour for a 6 hour trek though! On the hike to see the arch we found out about a whole host of injuries that students were suddenly suffering from. These seemed to clear up when heading downhill, or on the flat, though. A brief stop to view the impressive landforms there and Mr Maisey had a fantastic idea to spell out ‘LPGS 2014’. This worked brilliantly and can be seen in the picture gallery. A slow amble back along the path with the setting sun on our backs was a nice end to a physically demanding day. Were now back, working in class, after eating dinner and everyone is looking forward to the haunted walk we have planned this evening.

In student news (news about students, written by students!)

You should not trust Ellie with a ranging pole, she may stab you in the head, as she did herself.

You can discounts in little village shops when there’s a big group of you.

Rhythmi says she loves dogs but whenever she sees a dogs water bowl she kicks it over so the dog cant drink.

Emma proclaimed “im on top of the world!” when at the peak of a dune…then promptly fell in [the sand]

Aaron struggles to get hot chocolate into his mouth – he’s working on this.

Emma hates disgusting boys. The disgusting boys have not been asked their opinion of Emma yet.

Did someone fall over in the heather and land in poo?!?

Melody’s having a party at her ‘flat’ later. She also found her door knobs she has waited two years to get (I know lots of you have been waiting for that news).

Things Mr Maisey learned today

…What a snapchat story is – and shame on you if yours is longer than 30seconds.

…What bae stands for and how it should be used.

…When a cow kicks out its back legs its called ‘buckeroo’.

…Choc ices can be called ‘ice blocks’ and ‘choc-a-blocks’

…The art deco roof of the house in Lulworth is simply hideous, darling.

See you all tomorrow


Day 1

It's that time of year again people! 28 Yr12 geographers squeezed into our two minibuses and we hit the road. A brief pit stop to pump tyres, fill up with diesel and we were soon sailing round the M25. DJ Ellie span her tunes through the AUX cable and kept us entertained with her dancing - time flies when you're having fun! We pulled into the services at Fleet for a brief rest and teachers drained vats of coffee. We eventually hit the south coast and the regenerated Boscombe pier where students quizzed locals, ran to touch the sea, climbed rocks and generally awesome geographical things. The early highlight being Adam's classic catalogue pose on the beach. It may be November but in this sun it wouldn't have been right to not grab a clotted cream flavoured ice cream. After group/team/crew/squad photos we were soon back in the vans and leaving Boscombe in our dust. Barring a few laps of a roundabout and a U-turn, we had a smooth ride down to Swanage. As the valet parked our minibuses we checked in and handed our luggage over to the concierge to take to our rooms (this may or may not have happened - we definitely checked in!). We've now been fed and watered and as the clock ticks past 20:30 we're sat working hard in study room 2.

Margaret Mead once said 'the way to do fieldwork is never to come up for air until it's over'. We like Margaret Mead in the LPGS Geography department.

Check back for our next update tomorrow. Follow us through the day on twitter @geo12LPGS . Find out if Melody got her wardrobe handles!

Mr Maisey

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